Leisure at Lake Carouge in the Alps - swimming, fishing, rafting, canyoning, via ferrata in Savoie

The activities proposed at the Camping Lac de Carouge in Savoie ***

Our Camping Lac de Carouge in Savoie is a real family campsite where everyone in your family will be able to enjoy their stay. The campsite is part of the Saint Pierre d'Albigny Leisure Base in Savoie and is located between Chambéry and Albertville. The site is situated directly on the shores of Lac de Carouge and the beautiful mountainous environment of the French Alps (the campsite is at the foothills of the Arclusaz and the Bauges Massif) offers many possibilities for excursions. 

Superb hikes in the Bauges Regional Nature Park are also possible. We organize various activities for our guests, but of course you can also go on your own. Do not hesitate to ask us for information during your stay, we will always be happy to answer. 

Playground for children:

There is a small playground in the campsite with a swing, a slide and children's spring games. There is also a sports field with volleyball net, basketball and mini football cages. Around the campsite you will also find many other sports to enjoy (golf, tennis...).

The lake of Carouge:

The campsite is directly on the shore of Lac de Carouge, a small and relatively unknown Savoy lake. Here you will not be submerged by tourists, but you will be among the inhabitants of the region. You will find a beautiful beach which is supervised during the season. A small bathing area for the little kids is organized in front of the lifeguard's station so that everyone can enjoy swimming in complete safety. The water is so clear that you can see small fish approaching your feet (the lake is labelled "blue flag" since 2018) and has a pleasant temperature of 16° to 20° C. The campsite's beach is very flat which is perfect for children.

You can of course fish in the lake. You will be able to buy the permit in the village or on the internet by clicking on this link. The carouge lake offers a beautiful variety of fish for fishermen.

Around the lake of Carouge, you will be able to make a nice walk on the shores. You can also rent pedal boats, small boats or paddles on the lake to take a ride on the water.

The swimming pool:

Guests of the campsite have free access during the high season to the municipal swimming pool of Montmélian, located about 12 km from the campsite (10 minutes). In this outdoor swimming pool, the water has a wonderful temperature of about 25°C. You will find 3 pools, including a 50-metre olympic pool and a children's pool and a paddling pool for the little ones. There is also a beautiful slide and a beautiful lawn to sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.


The most funny activity in our area is canyoning. You walk along beautiful gorges with slides, jumps and walks, abseiling down beautiful waterfalls, swimming, sliding and jumping. From May to September, the campsite organises canyoning excursions under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This activity usually lasts half a day. Our guests always come back full of memories (even the less adventurous ones).

Via ferrata:

Mountain hiking and climbing have been very popular in the Alps for a long time. However, the via ferrata, which literally means "iron road", is gaining in popularity. In this activity, you walk and climb along a pre-established and safe route. Remaining safe and secure throughout the journey, the route includes various aids to facilitate the ascent, such as iron ladders, stairs, and footbridges. A stimulating activity that takes you to the most beautiful places in our beautiful region. There are some wonderful routes in the surrounding area of the campsite so don't hesitate to ask us for information and book your session with our guide Bastien.


One of the most popular activities in the Alps is rafting, where you sail down the river on a rubber raft. Rafting trips on the Isère River are organised about 45 minutes drive away, near Aime. The providers offer more or less long experiences depending on your desire and your level. The itineraries are varied and include calm water areas, where you will be amazed by the surrounding nature, but also various rapids which are still very easy to access.

For beginners or those looking for more challenges, everyone can enjoy a longer route.


There are several treetop adventure parks in the area. An activity for the whole family, where you move through the trees on a secure course. The different parks offer routes of different levels, with heights ranging from 1 metre to 20 metres above the ground. All along the routes, you will always remain insured.

The Fort du Tamié park, near Albertville, is about 30 minutes away. It offers 10 different courses of varying difficulty over an area of 8 hectares. There are special routes for the youngest (children from 3 years old). For those looking for more challenges, the 300 metre long zip line with a 70 metre drop will satisfy them.

In the Devil's Park in Modane, about an hour's drive away, there are 12 different tracks. The routes vary from very simple (green) with a maximum height of 3 metres (suitable even for people who are afraid of heights) to 3 very difficult routes (in black) which require considerable physical effort. In addition, there are various zip lines in the park. On the highest zip line (150 metres high) you can reach a speed of 50 kilometres per hour!

In Saint-Pierre-d'Allevard, only half an hour's drive away, you will find the Banzaï Aventure climbing park, which includes 5 climbing courses of different levels of difficulty. The simplest route is already suitable for children from 2 years old.

Horse riding:

In the surrounding area, you can go horseback riding. Whether your route runs along mountain slopes, vineyards or forest, you are always assured of impressive views and a grandiose landscape.

The nearest riding school is 6 km away, in the village of Cruet. Information about horseback riding excursions (individually or under supervision) can be obtained at the reception.


The beautiful nature of the Savoie is perfect for paragliding. In the region, it is possible to get acquainted with this spectacular sport. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you fly through the air as freely as a bird. The prices of the tours depend on the departure altitude and the duration of the flight.