Barrage de Roselend
Lac de Roselend

Roselend Lake

The encounter between man and nature: the Roselend dam!

The Lac de Carouge campsite is the starting point of various forms of entertainment. On this site, under the heading "nearby", you will find everything you can do to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. After all, we can imagine that, tempting as it may seem, you don't want to spend every day in our campsite. Just a stone's throw away from your mobile home, tent or camper, you can see that nature is a powerful and wonderful phenomenon, which follows its own path and which, over the centuries, has created the varied landscape that surrounds us. The Mont-Blanc, the Rhône, the mountain pastures, constitute a magical combination. Man has mastered them, exploited them and adapted to them. A good example of this is the research and production of natural energy sources. And you can see it with your own eyes! Indeed, it is right here, in the beautiful, multifaceted department of Savoie, that the impressive Roselend dam, the fourth largest dam in France, is located just over an hour away.

The story in a nutshell

The dam was designed by the famous project developers Coyne and Bellier. In 1955, the construction of this spectacular piece of functional architecture, characterized by its arched supports, began. At the foot of the Cornet de Roselend pass, the dam was created, after which it was flooded in 1960. A year later, electricity was produced and finally, in 1962, construction was completed. The dam has been supplying green electricity to the surrounding area for almost 50 years. The water flows from Lac de Roselend through a 13-kilometre-long tunnel to the underground hydroelectric power station La Bâthie. Six turbines with generators of 91 MW each have been installed in this power station.

Historical heritage at the foot of Mont Blanc

The dam has a maximum height of 150 metres and a width of about 80 metres. The reservoir consists of 187,000,000 cubic metres of water! Between the Alps with its mountain pastures and a view of Mont Blanc, this miracle of human engineering naturally forms an idyllic picture: here man and nature meet. It's a historical heritage, nearby, so a must see, from our campsite!

Everyone can do something around the lake.

Moreover, there is a lot to do around the lake. Lake Roselend, for example, has become a popular fishing spot. The turquoise water is home to salmon-like fish, among other things. By the way, if you are hungry or thirsty for a whole day on or around the water, there are many restaurants around the lake. Almost all of them offer an impressive view of the surroundings. In addition, there is a nice family walking route around the lake of four kilometres. Parking nearby is no problem at all. Picnicking is also allowed and even recommended.

Climbing by bike, or even without a bike

For those who want to be more active and adventurous around the dam and more, and a hike is not enough: you can rent a mountain bike here and conquer the Cornet de Roselend on the pedals. Many participants in the Tour de France have already preceded you, but this is not the most difficult route. In addition, you can go horse riding, paragliding and mountaineering. The via ferrata is also very popular here.

Beaufort cheese

Finally, the village of Beaufort must not be overlooked. The dam is located on the territory of the municipality, in the middle of the famous cheese region of the same name. Enjoy your stay to discover the different cheeses of Savoie. The Beaufort here, but also the Tomme de Savoie or the Abondance. Mont Blanc, a delicious piece of cheese, paragliding, a sample of human progress, everything is to see and do in a place easily accessible from the Lac de Carouge. The Savoie has proven itself many times to be a polyvalent and special region. Want to know more or make a reservation? Do not hesitate to send us a mail.