Annecy - Le pont des Amours

Annecy, "Venice of the Alps",

The « Venice of the Alps » is reputed world-wide for its magnificent lake and the canals that cross the city. This beautiful city at the foot of the mountains is one of the jewels of the Savoy area and is worth the trip.

 « Venice of the Alps » is situated on the bank of the Lac d’Annecy. The Thiou river crosses through the old city. Its initial role was to protect the city and to empower its handicrafts. Nowadays it is one of the various tourist attractions of the city, as the canals and the narrow streets.

The old city centre of Annecy with its traboules (a type of secret passageway) and its medieval streets and buildings (porte Sainte Claire, côte Perrière) remains one of the tourist highlights of Savoy and even of France.

The Annecy Castle (12th century) was the home of the Counts of Geneva and the Dukes of Genevois-Nemours.

Switching from counts of Geneva's dwelling in the 13th century, to counts of Savoy's in the 14th century, the city became Savoy's capital in 1434.

The annexation of Savoy merged the city to France in 1860