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Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing : A nice activity in Savoie

The accrobranche is an activity open to all families in Savoie. Around our campsite, you can find several varied courses of tree climbing. Come try tree climbing with family or friends and test your agility and resistance to vertigo at a height ranging from 1 to 20 m for some courses. Adrenaline in small doses, strong emotions, laughter and fun! For tree climbing, the evolution is done in the trees, it is the same system as for the via ferrata for the system of auto-belay.

The principle is to stay always connected with the carabiners on the lifeline. A pulley is also used for zip lines. The activity is done safely since the material, usually provided by the structure is regularly checked.

This activity allows you to move from trees to trees using bridges, ropes, zip lines and many other ways. In general, many courses corresponding to the age of your child or your desire for more or less developed adrenaline.

Near Camping Carouge Lake in Savoy, you will find several courses around Saint Pierre d'Albigny which are open to families with children of all ages or groups of friends: You have in Savoie, tree climbing Fort du Tamié near Albertville and the Devil's Park in Maurienne. In Isère, in Allevard-Les-Bains, you also have Banzai Aventure.