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Via Ferrata

Sporting possibilities around the campsite: Via ferrata around the campsite.

When staying at the campsite, our guests are surrounded by a wide range of possibilities. Vacation time can be filled in all kinds of ways. For example, you can go sailing, rowing, canoeing, fishing, diving, water skiing or wakeboarding on Lac du Bourget. You can also choose spectacular rafting near Aime. But of course it is possible to swim in the swimming pool or in the nearby Lac de Carouge. Cyclists of all levels will also find what they are looking for.

The Via Ferrata, a unique experience

Another special experience is the Via Ferrata. More and more people are coming to the Alps especially to practice this. In Savoie and especially around the campsite there are many possibilities for via ferrata, also called via ferrata. Via Ferrata literally means 'iron road' in Italian. This is due to the fact that the via ferrata route is secured by a steel cable. It is an alternative and challenging way to reach the most beautiful places in a reasonably easy and safe way, which cannot be reached during a normal mountain hike. It allows you to have a breathtaking view of the landscape.

What to expect from the Via Ferrata

On the Via Ferrata, there is therefore a steel cable to which you can fasten yourself. So if you stumble, you hold on to the wire rope. Usually, on the Via Ferrata, there are also other devices that make the ride easier. These can be, for example, iron stairs, hooks and pins or suspension bridges and rope bridges. With these bridges you can, for example, go from one mountain wall to another.

The story

The origin of the Via Ferrata is actually in the Dolomites. During the First World War many battles took place in the mountains and in order to guide the soldiers as safely as possible through the mountains to take a strategic position, steel cables were often attached to the mountain walls. Later, this was used recreationally. The first lines were built in France in the 1990s. While in the Dolomites they are often located in high mountains, in France they are more often close to tourist centres. These routes may be shorter but often have a spectacular character. The level of difficulty is determined by different factors. The degrees of difficulty of the routes are indicated from A (very easy) to E (very difficult).

Via Ferrata in Savoie

One example is Miolene's Via Ferrata Saix. This tour has a difficulty level of D/E. The starting altitude is 1,030 metres and the final altitude is 1,250 metres. The starting point is the Chappelle d'Abondance and the duration is about one to two hours. In Annecy, for example, there is a beautiful and easy Via Ferrata that lasts about three hours, where you can alternatively walk, climb on bars, rappel, zip line and monkey bridge. This tour is accessible to beginners from 12 years old. There are different types of Via Ferrata in this region. Come and meet our provider during the welcome drink on Sunday evening and plan to do this activity at least once. You will discover breathtaking landscapes and return home with memories full of memories.

This multi-faceted French department is known for its beautiful nature with its many possibilities of activities. Throughout the year, sports activities are offered here. During the winter months, the ski resorts of the beautiful Alps attract many visitors, but in the other months there are many other possibilities for holidaymakers.

Make sure you are well prepared

As with other mountain sports, there are always risks. First of all, one must always take into account the weather, so be well informed in advance of the weather forecast. You must always wear a helmet when climbing, also because of the stone chips. Always warn other climbers if rocks fall. Look carefully at the level of the route and check if you and your climbing companions can withstand it. Always make sure you have a good map. For inexperienced climbers, it may be wise to go with a guide.

An unforgettable activity

Whichever Via Ferrata you choose, it will always give you a special experience. You'll reach places you wouldn't otherwise reach so quickly and you'll be able to enjoy magnificent panoramas. But above all, it is a great challenge that allows you to discover the beautiful Savoie region in a unique way.