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Come and practice Canyoning, a great sport in the Alps during your holidays in Savoie!

Canyoning: An unforgettable holiday in the Alps!

Camping in Savoie is an unforgettable experience. You can go both ways with a stay in this beautiful region. Of course, the French Alps are the ideal holiday destination for lovers of long walks and mountaineers. But camping in Savoie is more than that. Choose this region for a romantic holiday with your partner or for an adventure trip with the whole family. Older children in particular will enjoy the activities in these magnificent landscapes. If you are travelling with younger children, it's best to choose a campsite with a full entertainment programme like ours. This way you can have a great holiday and your children won't have time to get bored at our campsite...

Enjoy a sporting holiday by practising during your stay in our establishment the canyoning in Savoie, supervised by our instructor. This nature sports activity is generally practised for half a day, from May to September.

Canyoning is one of the most fun activities in the area. You travel through canyons and use different techniques to progress. You can hike some parts, but you can also climb, jump, swim or abseil down these steep canyons always in complete safety.

Take advantage of a natural slide to let yourself glide in transparent pools of water, jump safely thanks to an experienced guide in the middle of the rocks and let yourself go as the river goes by... What a program isn't it?

Do you really want to experience these kinds of adventures during your holiday? The surrounding area of the campsite offers a good selection of sites to discover or improve your knowledge of this activity, starting with the water walk of Curienne and ending with the more sporty and sensational course of the well named "Pont du Diable". There is enough to suit everyone. In general, it is preferable to be at least 8 years old but especially to be very comfortable with water, you have to know how to swim.

Our guide will provide you with all the equipment you need to practice this activity in complete safety. It is a very family activity, in fact, for some trips, it is possible to avoid some difficulties if you do not feel comfortable. In the same way, a person can easily follow the other members without even participating in the activity.

The different starting points are located in the Bauges, between 30 and 40 minutes from the campsite. Our guide will be happy to arrange with you to make sure that your arrival on site is in the best conditions. He is also present at the welcome drink organized on Sunday evening in high season to answer all your questions.

Tame the mountains and rivers!

Most visitors choose a holiday in our beautiful department for activities. Are you a real adrenaline junkie? Then you won't get bored here! There are enough exciting activities in the area. This makes the region ideal for holidays with older children. They will certainly be impressed by one of the many other exciting activities in the area.

Rafting is a must for the whole family. With this activity, you will experience the wild mountain rivers under the supervision of a guide. The boat has an inflatable edge, so small waterfalls and rocks are no problem. From the water you have a magnificent view of the mountains and you discover the region from a new angle.

The last main activity in the area is Via Ferrata. Here you follow a mountainside road through stairs, supports, pine trees and rope bridges. All along the route you are safe with a steel cable. Iron aids make this activity interesting for people with less mountaineering experience. This way you can always reach beautiful places and experience the mountain as a real mountaineer!

The ideal destination for sporty holidaymakers

Savoie is a superb breathtaking scenery, fun and entertaining activities and a very balanced local gastronomy. Outside the ski season, the department is particularly popular with active holidaymakers and lovers of beautiful nature. There are fanatical cyclists who make difficult climbs on the high mountains. Would you like to cycle in the area, but are you less experienced? Then you can do it in the valley around the mountains. During the bike rides you have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and you can cool off in a stream or lake along the way.