Enfants en Canyon dans une rivière
Groupe de canyoning en Savoie
Descente en Rappel d'une cascade en Savoie
Toboggan d'un Canyoning en Savoie
Canyoning dans les Alpes


Sports activities in the French Alps during your holiday in Savoy!

The Canyoning: An unforgettable holiday in the beautiful French Alps.

Staying in campsite Lac de Carouge in Savoy is an unforgettable experience. You can go in any direction during your holiday in this beautiful area. Of course, the French Alps are the ideal vacation destination for lovers of long walks and mountaineering. But camping in the Savoy is more than that. Choose this area for a romantic holiday with your partner or for an adventurous trip with the whole family. Especially older children will enjoy themselves with the activities in this beautiful landscape. Are you travelling with younger children? Then it's best to choose a campsite with an extensive entertainment programme. This allows you to enjoy your stay and there is plenty to do for your children!

Mountains and rivers.

Most visitors choose a holiday in the beautiful department for the activities. Are you a real adrenaline junkie? Then you won't be bored here! There are plenty of exciting activities in the area. This makes the area ideal for a holiday with older children. They will be in for one of the many exciting activities.

A must for the whole family is Canyoning. Here you will go through canyons and use different techniques to get ahead. On some stretches you can hike, but further on you will have to climb, jump, swim or abseil. An exciting and unforgettable trip, which you can best make under the guidance of a guide. Do you really want to go on an adventure during your holiday? Then you can also make a multi-day tour of it. Climb mountains and sleep in the evening under a sail in nature. The nice thing about a guided tour is that you don't have to worry about the route and get lost in the mountains. In addition, the guide can help you with the various techniques and if necessary give instructions. Are you going out with (older) children? Then it is also nice to know that there is extra guidance available. Making a long trip through the French Alps is an unforgettable experience. At the end of such a fantastic trip, camping on a campsite with facilities such as a warm bath feels like it. Therefore, always combine mountain climbing with a stay at a campsite nearby!

Rafting is another fun activity. With this activity you can explore the wild mountain rivers with a guide. The boat has an inflatable rim, so small waterfalls and rocks are no problem. From the water you have beautiful views of the mountains and discover the area from a new perspective.

The last special activity in the area is via ferrata. Here you follow a path along the mountainside via stairs, braces, pins and rope bridges. Along the route there is a steel cable to which you are secured. Because of the iron aids, this activity is good for people with less experience in mountaineering. So you can still get to beautiful places and experience the mountains as a real mountaineer!

The ideal destination for sporty holidaymakers

The department is very popular among winter sports enthusiasts. It is mainly the French who come to ski in this beautiful area. Lovers can enjoy beautiful downhill runs and delicious food here in winter. Where in ski resorts in Austria is mainly about Schnitzel and beer, you can enjoy the refined French cuisine in the French Alps. This gives a skiing holiday a totally different dimension.

Outside the ski season, the department is especially popular with active holidaymakers and lovers of beautiful nature. There are fanatical cyclists, for example, who make tough climbs on the high mountains. Would you like to cycle in the area, but have a little less experience? Then you can do so in the valley around the mountains. During the cycling tours you have beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and you can cool off on the way in a stream or lake.